Gourmet Barbecue Catering to the Office

Make a Difference by Bringing In Q Up! BBQ to your Phoenix Office

There are plenty of ways to boost employee morale and a number of them are relatively inexpensive. Something as simple as offering free lunch can get the job done. This is not something that has to be done daily but will be greatly appreciated if done. Providing the employees with freshly made, healthy, and delicious lunches every now and then will not only give them something to look forward to, but can help with productivity. Doing so, you can show them how much you appreciate their contributions to the company.

The thing about having good company morale is that it makes employees happier thereby more productive. It increases their drive leading your team to do better work generating outputs of a higher quality over time. As the company reaps the rewards of these efforts, the benefits are slowly reflected in the company’s bottom line. A job well done, one leading to higher profits, more than makes up for the cost of these occasional gourmet meals.

Aside from showing one’s appreciation, by bringing gourmet barbecue catering to the office courtesy of Q Up BBQ, the entire team can actually enjoy their lunches together. This helps improve the cohesion of the team. This also increases productivity as well because chances are, staff members will be discussing business whilst they eat. Doing so, more ideas flow to the table and more work can be processed within any given day.

By providing a healthy, freshly prepared meal, companies can also rest assured that their employees don’t fall victim to unhealthy eating habits while in the office. By bringing in a gourmet barbecue meal, fast food intake or the onset of missed meals are significantly reduced. A good meal is known to boost productivity as the sluggish feeling that comes with an empty stomach or junk food binge is eliminated.


But What Can You Expect From a Gourmet Barbecue Lunch Caterer Like Q Up BBQ?

Catered gourmet lunches do not only have to be well-prepared and delicious but they should actually be planned in accordance with what your employees like. Meat eaters will love the delectable fall-off-the-bone barbecue while vegetarians will find the fresh and delicious salads quite appetizing.

Q Up BBQ will also handle every aspect of the lunch service on your behalf so you need not worry about a thing. When the employees show up in the cafeteria, they will have hot meals that are ready to be eaten.

Given that Q Up! BBQ has its own prep kitchen and food truck, this means that all of the preparations and cooking will be done off-site so you can expect cafeteria cleanup to be a breeze. You also have the option of having your employees dine outside the office, directly from the food truck, for a nice change of environment.

Prior to the catering schedule, a gourmet barbecue caterer will work with you to create the perfect menu selection. Aside from accommodating your ideas, you can also expect the company to make suggestions with regard to ingredients and meals. Soups, salads, and sandwiches that are easy to prepare may be included or more formal food items might be offered.

The beauty in this is that you can schedule multiple lunch catering sessions without having to worry about palette fatigue. By having something different on the table every single time, your employees will surely be looking forward to office-sponsored lunches.

Boost the morale of your employees, show them your appreciation, and share with them some amazing lunch meals and you won’t regret it. With the help of Q Up BBQ, having a gourmet barbecue catered lunch brought to the office will be as easy as pie.


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